Refund Policy

How to Cancel and Refund a Flight Booking
After checking your airline’s policy, you can cancel and request a refund for your booking by following these steps:

Go to My Booking. Choose the booking that you wish to cancel, and tap Refund.
Make sure you read the refund policy and find out your Refund Amount Estimation based on your refund reason. Tap Continue. 
Select the flight you wish to cancel and tap Continue. Then, select your reason, and tap Save.
Select the passenger(s) you wish to cancel. Then, choose the relevant reason. Tap Save and tap Continue.
Review your refund details and Submit Refund. Confirm your account by entering the verification code we sent to your registered mobile number. 
The status of your booking will indicate that your refund request is submitted. To check the status of your refund, please refer to this article: How to Check My Refund Status.
Please note that due to the high volume of incoming requests we are currently facing, we hope you understand that our Customer Service agents may need more time than usual to respond to your queries:

For travels coming up within 7 days, your requests will be handled within 2 days.
For travels coming up in more than 7 days, your requests will be responded within 3 days prior to your travel date.
Refund Information, Policy, and Amount
The refund amount you receive may vary depending on the airline’s policy, your refund reason, and the gap between the date of refund request and the date of your departure.
To see more details on the refund policy of Indonesia domestic flights, please follow these steps:
Open Refund Procedure.
Go to the Airline Policy tab and select your airline. You will see the details of the refund policy.